“I have known Jim for over 9 years and worked him on a number of different projects over that time. I have found him to a very talented business partner who has great analytical and investigative skills. Initially, the majority of the work focused on the AS400 and JDA, but his skill set extends into other technologies including the Microsoft stack and investigative/research areas. He is one of those technology professionals who can adapt to whatever the technology is at hand and can contribute quickly. He is certainly a team player and is willing to help solve problems regardless of the business area or challenge. On a personal side, he was instrumental in my technical skill development by providing detailed explanation of the technical solution and providing me plenty of opportunity to learn the program logic. Lastly, he has great interpersonal skills which make him ideally suited to deal directly with the business end user. I would highly recommend him for any company looking to have an intelligent, reliable and dependable consultant. Jim gets project done!” Alan Flaesgarten, Vice President – IT – Supply Chain & ERP Solutions, Guitar Center.

“Jim and his team at JMG provided outstanding support for our iSeries applications – primarily JDA’s MMS. Jim’s technical skills in addition to his in-depth understanding of JDA’s applications provided for seamless integration between source code and enhancements. Jim’s customer focus as well has his work ethics ensured that he not only provided added value to every project he undertook but also ensured that he met and exceeded our deliverable requirements. while staying on time and within budget. I highly recommend Jim McCarthy.” Donald Harrison, Associate Director – IT, Universal Music Group

“I worked with Jim on a number of high-profile, challenging, and often innovative projects from 1998 through 2003. These projects covered a very broad range of disciplines, including IT Change Control, POS Integration, Merchandise Management, eCommerce, and Replenishment. From the intricacies of IBM’s GSA, to the broad business functionality of JDA’s MMS, Jim was adaptable, efficient, and a very quick study when dealing with new situations. Jim’s positive personality and measured approach often cools hot heads in high-pressure situations. The effect is implicitly that of a professional facilitator … the great thing is that you get this for free. As those of us in the retail industry like to say, a “BOGO”, or Buy One, Get One (Free)! The length of time Jim worked with us, the breadth and complexity of the software applications, and the sheer variety of business challenges met, should make abundantly clear the value placed on Jim’s partnership.” David Foley, Production Manager, BID2WIN

“I had the pleasure of working with Jim to provide some enhancements to our Merchandise Management software whilst working at Virgin Entertainment in the USA. Jim had previous experience with this solution at Guitar Centre and knew the product well. Apart from being a nice bloke he delivered exactly what we needed and was flexible and dedicated in getting the various projects across the line.” Mark Simmons, Business Systems Manager, Sanity/Virgin/HMV

“I’ve worked with Jim for many years and on many projects. Jim brings many years of practical experience across a broad number of businesses and disciplines to any project. His results from inception to turn-key product are always first rate. I’d highly recommend JMG Consulting for your IT needs and would hire Jim again without hesitation.” Rich Kilar, Sr. IT Project Manager, Tilly’s

“Jim has always done a great job during the time I worked at Virgin in the USA. His work is very consistent and adds great value.” Jan De Jong, Principal, RetailDutchman

“Jim was an asset to our team. His knowledge of the JD Edwards system and AS400 was a big help to the success of our projects. He was able to assist our team with accessing the JD Edwards database and extracting data. Jim was always a pleasure to work with. He is a professional and a knowledgeable technologist and I recommend his services.” Alex Hieng, CTO and Architect, RapidMetrix, Inc.

 “Jim is a fantastic resource in the IT arena. This word is often overused, but Jim really is a Guru! He has a strong attention to detail and his commitment level to solving problems under tight deadlines is unmatched. Although his technical side is highly competent, he also has the ability to translate complex ideas into laymen terms. This was particularly needed and highly effective in planning meetings at Virgin where finance, operations and marketing were all stakeholders. At the time we were having issues with the inventory sub ledger which was stored in JDA with well over One Million SKU’s to track. After some testing and query building on my end, we identified the problem and Jim was able to develop a solution which corrected the problem to Virgin’s complete satisfaction. Previous to Jim’s involvement, the inventory sub ledger had been an issue for Virgin for more than a year, with no acceptable solution. I really enjoyed working with Jim and I hope I have the opportunity to work with him again. If I had any type of system and/or software emergency, Jim would be one of the first numbers I would call.” Michael Shurgot, CFO, Resolution Economics

“I had worked with Jim for many years and found him to be reliable and focused. We were in a dynamic work group focusing on a growing microcircuit business where both customer expectations and quality were key. James was a driving force in keeping morale positive and customer centric. We would not have been as successful without his presence. I can recommend Jim with confidence; he would be a an asset to any organization.” Malcolm Hill, VP, MIC Technology

 “I had the great pleasure to work with Jim McCarthy during an engagement at Virgin Entertainment Group. Jim provided the source data from AS/400 systems for a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence initiative. Throughout the project, he proved in every way to be one of the success factors. His knowledge of not only the host systems but also the intricate business rules behind them was critical to the integrity of our design. His resourceful solutions to the more challenging extract requirements coupled with his “can do” attitude helped keep the project on target. I look forward to working with him again on future engagements.” Steven Humphrey, Senior Consultant, Analysis Team, Inc.

 “Jim has been a consultant to the Barbeques Galore organization for many years. He can always be relied upon to come through with a good solution, even in the most trying of times. Jim is a true business partner, with an eye, and a genuine concern for our bottom line.” Mike Jones, Director of IT, Jerome’s Furniture

“Working with Jim is always a pleasure. He provides quality solutions in a timely manner. He’s flexible, creative, reliable and trustworthy. His knowledge and ability to clearly communicate are highly valuable especially when on a tight timeline. Jim will remain at the top of the list of IT Consultants I would contact for consulting.” Heather Banta, Project Manager, Pacific Sunwear

“Jim was the Specialist at Anna’s Linens that engineered all major program changes and enhancements to the JDA/WMS AS400 systems. Jim brought me in to work extensively with the Corporate Logistics department to isolate required enhancements and to translate those given initiatives into Functional Requirements Documents to be then converted into Technical Specifications for approval.” Anthony Roselli, Senior Business Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services

“Jim is an expert at what he does. He is very easy to work with and does everything he can to get the job done on time. Jim helped bridge the gap between the Accounting/Finance world and the I.T. world at Virgin. I highly recommend Jim.” Andrew Waldrip, Assistant Controller, Lexicon Marketing

“I have known Jim for many years and know that he is a hard working dependable individual. He is extremely bright and easy to work with. He is also quick in problem determination and resolution and would be a fine fit for any situation. I would recommend him highly.” Scott Mendelson, Director of Project Services, Tech Global Partners