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Computer Forensics

                Computer (Digital) Forensics: Computer forensics is the use of specialized methods of analyzing, recovering and validating electronic data. I am a CCE (Certified Computer Examiner). This is a certificate awarded by the ISFCE (International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners), I have performed examinations and testified as an expert in a variety of cases from family law to bankruptcy fraud to legal defense work. I have worked on several cases that involved corporate espionage; sexual harassment and termination issues. One piece of advice: if at any time you feel that a situation involves digital evidence get a forensic image, freeze time on the PC, cell phone, printer, whatever it may be, buy a certified individual. You can always go back and examine the image at a later date. Once you have the forensic image or as I like to call it, the window to the soul, that is leverage that can settle a case quickly. Please check out the web-site at

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